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Dar Fakir

16 Derb Abou El Fadail Kennaria , Medina, Marrakech , Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, 40000, Morocco


  • Moroccan crepes/breads/pastries with fruit conserve.
  • Eggs with Khlii (fried eggs with cured lamb)
  • Savory crepe with khlii (traditional style crepes topped with warm cured lamb)
  • Eggs (2 eggs boiled/fried/scrambled)


  • Moroccan salad (finely diced vegetables with a lemon and olive oil dressing)
  • Beetroot Salad (beetroot, onions, parsley and coriander with a vinegar and olive oil dressing)
  • Carrot salad (grated carrot with orange segments in a blossom water and olive oil dressing)
  • Cabbage, raisin and almond salad (shredded cabbage with plump raisins and toasted almonds with rock salt and olive oil)


  • Harira (traditional Moroccan soup)
  • Briouates (filo pastry parcels filled with a choice of cheese, lamb or vegetables)
  • Chicken liver (sautéed chicken liver with onion and garlic)
  • Zaalouk (roasted aubergine purée with cumin, coriander and tomato)
  • Chakchouka (grilled sweet pepper and tomato salad)
  • Grilled aubergine (sliced aubergine grilled, served with rock salt and olive oil)
  • Foul & chickpeas (broad beans and chickpea stew with a tomato base)


  • Kefta - meatballs in a thick savoury tomato and onion gravy topped with egg
  • Boeuf Pruneaux - a delicious combination of savoury and sweet. Slow cooked meat with prunes and almonds and a touch of cinnamon. Outstanding
  • Poulet Citron - Succulent chicken cooked with lemon and olives. An all time favourite.
  • Tanjia (min. 2 persons – pre order the day before) – A traditional Marakkchi dish of beef tenderised in a clay pot, gravy and a delicate blend of spices. Slowly cooked for several hours in the local hammam fire.


  • Vegetable - Seasonal vegetables (suitable for vegetarians)
  • Chicken - a combination of fresh vegetables, potatoes and chicken
  • Royal - beef or lamb cook


  • Cinnamon orange (…)
  • Crepe with fruit salad and ice cream (Moroccan style crepe with seasonal fruit salad and your choice of ice cream)
  • Carrot and orange salad (grated carrots with segmented oranges, orange juice, cinnamon, blossom water and icing sugar)
  • Juis advocate with ice cream (…)
  • Yoghurt with honey and dried fruits (greek style yoghurt with seasonal dried fruit and pure Moroccan honey)

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